3480 Mission Ave
Oceanside, CA 92058

Community Status

  • In Development

Property Description

Q:  What is being done on the site today?
A:  The swap meet is being demolished and the site is being graded pursuant to the approved Pavilion Project.

Q:  What is the approved Pavilion Project?
A:  The Pavilion Project was approved in 2008 for approximately 950,000 square feet of commercial uses such as various retail shops and restaurants.

Q:  How long will the grading activities last?
A:  The grading will take about 12 months to complete.

Q:  Are you going to build the Pavilion Project?
A:  It is possible that we move forward with the Pavilion Project, however we are considering alternatives that would improve the development.

Q:  How can I learn more about the project and any potential revisions?
A:  Please email us at info@zephyrpartners.com to be added to our distribution list.

For all media inquires please contact Rachel Laing at rachel@threesixtysd.com


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