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Sep 22, 2016

By Padma Nagappan

At 36, Termini has overseen $750 million residential development and completed more than 20 successful projects across San Diego County.

His company, Zephyr, was begun at the height of the residential slump in 2008, and hit the ground running, quickly acquiring properties for single family and multifamily developments.

“It was [a gamble], but it ended up being a gamble that paid off for us,” Termini said. “To jump into the residential market in the middle of a recession was perceived by many as a gamble. We saw it as an incredible opportunity.”

As co-CEO, Termini is involved hands on with the projects, from concept to completion. Before he began at Zephyr, he was with Corky McMillin where he was involved in redeveloping Liberty Station.

In navigating the choppy waters of the recession, Termini said the company simply focused on good projects and did not pay a whole lot of attention to what was going with the economy.

“If we executed properly, we knew it would work out once the recession was over,” he said.

Financial success in a slow economy helped attract supportive capital partners, and with the help of a growing team of employees, Zephyr managed to develop more than 20 projects in a few short years.

Termini has spearheaded projects that span the gamut, from moderate town homes in Mira Mesa to high end custom crafted homes across the county.

“We see peers who develop projects through out the West Coast, and they mainly focus on one segment of the market,” he explained. “We take a different approach, we really like developing in our backyard and in order to do that, we have to do a lot of different homes to cater to different segments of the market.”

Aura will be their first project in Mira Mesa, with 30 moderately priced town homes in a gated community targeted at young families that have been priced out of the market.

SummerHouse in Carlsbad is an enclave of 35 ocean and lagoon view luxury homes for well-heeled empty nesters who want to live in smaller homes with walkability and easy access to dining, cultural resources, entertainment and shopping.

“I think this is a trend with empty nesters and we’re catering to it in Carlsbad and in Balboa Park,” he said.


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