15 Most Influential in San Diego’s development community

By Mike Stetz

Jun 14, 2018

Brad was named as one of 15 most influential in San Diego’s development community by Our City San Diego Magazine, read about what they had to say below.

Brad Termini
Zephyr Partners

Building a luxury condominium project is always a bit dicey. For one, you can’t really be sure how well the project will fare once done. Say a big, bad recession hits, dampening demand.

And then what … market to lottery winners?

Well, Brad Termini had a feeling that The Park in Bankers Hill would be a success, regardless. First of all, its location — right across the street from Balboa Park — is stellar. Second, he figured enough well-heeled clients would be attracted to upscale, urban living, which is still rare in San Diego.

His hunch appears to be paying off. Just recently, the project’s biggest penthouse sold for $5.9 million — the highest price ever fetched in the Bankers Hill neighborhood. In all, there are 60 units.

“There’s always a market for the best,” Termini said.

He did add one caveat: “I don’t know if I would want to try and sell 1,000 of them.”

Termini co-founded the development firm with Dane Chapin in 2008, when real estate prices were tanking because of the recession. They made a number of strategic purchases and then devised creative uses for the land. One of the more ambitious projects is a resort planned for a coastal bluff in Del Mar.

Why does Termini develop such elaborate projects?

“We like to work on projects that are transformative for the community,” he said. “We developed the company around that philosophy.”

He’s also reacting to consumer wants, he noted. People and municipalities are demanding developments that are intelligently designed, functional, visually appealing and environmentally sensitive. And that’s what he’s aiming to deliver.


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